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Our client is an extremely fast-growing production facility which is mainly used for the production and assembly of transition pieces, foundations and substations for offshore wind farms. 

You will be responsible for the strategy, management, organization and budget of all supporting activities which include HR, HSE, QA/QC, Facilities, IT, Accounting and Cost Controlling.

General manager supporting services

(U.K. based role)



  • You will manage, organize and develop the supporting departments to assist that the production and company goals are reached in an efficient and safe manner following the quality standards. This includes among other things:

    • Ensure that all latest HSE legislations are met to keep our employees safe and healthy at work.
    • Manage the recruitment and training requirements for the site.
    • Reinforce quality assurance and control processes and effectiveness.
    • Provide accessible and accurate budget and cost information.
    • Conduct a reliable and correct payroll.
    • Support the automation or digitization of processes if beneficial.

  • You build a close team of highly qualified employees and stimulate collaboration between team members and teams to work as a well-functioning entity.
  • You implement the business plan of the entity in your departments to ensure that the strategic goals are achieved.
  • You translate strategic objectives into concrete action plans. You provide a clear sense of direction and focus.
  • You follow up operational processes within the own entity to strive for compliance with the other companies.
  • You investigate improvement and development options for your departments.
  • You stay well-informed about the evolutions and developments related to all managed fields of expertise.
  • You will live within a range of 50 km around the site to hold close contact with all that happens on site.
  • You manage a team of mainly managers who currently lead 20 persons in different fields of expertise. (i.e. HR Manager, HSE Manager, QA/QC Manager, Facilities Manager, IT Engineer, Accountant, Cost Controller).
  • You will work closely together on site with the production manager.


  • You are fluent in English and Dutch.
  • Proven work experience in similar position and industry for at least 5 years.
  • A relevant master’s degree for this role (engineering, quality management, safety, health and environment, …).
  • Excellent leadership qualities.
  • Ability to create accountability and to lead by example.
  • Strong team building, decision-making and people management skills.
  • Strong knowledge of business and management principles (budgeting, strategic planning, resource allocation and human resources).
  • Knowledge of safety, quality, productivity and inventory in a production or fabrication setting.


  • A very competitive salary package supplemented with fringe benefits, including housing, career opportunity for partner/education solutions for children, etc. …
  • Further career development within the company group.


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